‘If You’re A Republican,’ Media Is The Enemy: Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Insanity’ Of Giving Woodward An Interview


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Meghan McCain let loose on President Donald Trump during a heated Thursday segment on ABC’s “The View.”

McCain made it abundantly clear that she thought it was a huge misstep for Trump to speak with veteran journalist Bob Woodward at all, much less to give him hours of exclusive interviews for a book in an election year. (RELATED: ‘You Can Watch The Tape’: Meghan McCain And Whoopi Goldberg Trade Barbs During Heated Spat)


McCain began by saying that President Trump — who can be heard on Woodward’s recently-released audio talking about how he wanted to “downplay” the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in order to prevent panic — was not the only voice spreading misinformation about coronavirus and that the mixed messages across the board had been part of the problem.

But then McCain pivoted to address the fact that Trump had agreed to speak with Woodward in the first place, saying, “I cannot tell you the levels of insanity and stupidity you have to be in politics to give 18 hours to any journalist on the record, period.”

“If Bob Woodward said, ‘Hey, Meghan, what did you have for breakfast?’ I would say, ‘off the record, Bob, no comment.’ And then I would call my war room and I would call my spin room and I would say, what does he want, what’s going on and what kind of angle does he have?” McCain continued. “They are the enemy and they are here to make you look bad, and the idea they are going to let a shark —”

“They’re not the enemy,” Joy Behar protested.

“What do you think is going to happen?” McCain finished her statement before responding to Behar, adding, “For a Republican, the media is. I would never let my principle, ever, under any circumstances do an on the record interview with someone like Bob Woodward, and for a book? Sorry.”

“You can’t read that article without being slightly dumbfounded at how this even happens,” cohost Sara Haines agreed. “But I do think that President Trump’s lack of leadership absolutely increased the death toll, the suffering and also for people that support him, like, the economy took a huge hit, and it was dragged out.”