KC Chiefs Great Nick Lowery Says ‘Booing’ Was For Texans Players, Not For The ‘Show Of Unity’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Kansas City Chiefs great Nick Lowery said the “booing” from fans during the season opener was for the Texans players and not the “show of unity” on the field.

The comments came Friday during the Chiefs Hall-of-Famer’s appearance with Harris Faulkner on Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” when she said athletes have “always used their platform” to talk about social justice issues and asked, “What makes 2020 different?” (RELATED: Houston Texans Stay In The Locker Room For The National Anthem, Kansas City Chiefs Mostly Stand)


“Well, 2020 is different because we have been cooped inside for all these months and so the level of emotion and isolation, frustration is at an all-time high,” Lowery explained. “People want to do something with this energy.” (RELATED: POLL: 86.7% Of People Won’t Watch The NFL If Players Kneel During The National Anthem)

“I have to say that Patrick Mahomes’ leadership not only on the field but off the field, doing something where virtually the entire team stood during the national anthem and then locked arms with coach Andy Reid with the Texans was a wonderful gesture of unity and a way through this,” he added.

The Chiefs great continued, “I’ve heard from many Chiefs fans that it was not a well-coordinated situation where the few fans who were there knew what was going on in and the Texans actually were still coming on the field.”

“So the booing, for the most part, was not about booing this show of unity,” Nick shared. “It was about booing the Texans. So, unfortunately people, as you may have noticed, are so hypersensitive that anything that can you know insult people is sometimes brought to bear.”

It comes after reports surfaced that Chiefs‘ fans were heard booing players on the field as they two NFL teams’ players locked arms together in a moment of social justice unity before the start of the game Thursday night.