This DIY Baby Print And Photo Frame Kit Is Over 30% Off!

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Those early moments with your little one are precious, and they go by faster than you think. But remembering just how little they were is one way to keep those memories alive forever. That’s why so many parents love to capture their babies’ footprints and handprints as a keepsake they’ll have for a lifetime.

When it comes to getting those adorable imprints of your little ones’ hands and feet, things can get tricky, fast. But when using this DIY Baby Print and Photo Frame Kit by Babyprints®, capturing all those little fingers and toes is a total breeze, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Unlike other imprint products out there, this kit by Babyprints® has everything you need in one, easy-to-use kit. Not only do you get two ink pads for your baby’s hands and feet, but you’re also supplied with a lovely frame to put them in. It even includes a photo slot right in the middle so you can accompany a smiling picture of your bundle of joy along with their prints.

And if you’re a bit nervous about sticking your child’s hands and feet to the included ink pads, don’t be. Since the clean-touch ink pads are 100% safe to use on your baby, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Plus, each ink pad can be used twice, just in case you could use a second try.

The Babyprints® DIY Baby Print & Photo Frame Kit makes for the perfect gender-neutral baby shower or baptism gift. And since it comes in a clean, white frame, you don’t have to worry about it clashing with anyone’s nursery decor.

For a limited time, you can get the Babyprints® DIY Baby Print & Photo Frame Kit at 32% off, making it just $33.99!

Price subject to change.

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