‘You Look At Me Like I’m Making This Up’: Bill Maher Fires Back When Former CNN Journalist Downplays Violence

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian Bill Maher fired back at former CNN White House correspondent Jessica Yellin after she appeared to downplay recent violence and unrest.

During a segment of Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Yellin argued that the violence was contained to a very small area in Portland. (RELATED: ‘We Should Blame China’: Bill Maher Unloads On People Tip-Toeing Around Coronavirus Origins)


“Fox & Friends” host Will Cain aired a clip of Maher’s show Saturday morning, saying, “Bill Maher, by the way, understands this is a point of vulnerability for Democrats, their unwillingness to call out looters and destruction of property.”

“I’m not down with this property’s on the table as something we can just take because things are not right,” Maher said, referencing recent protests, violence and looting that had rocked major cities like Portland, Oregon. (RELATED: Juan Williams Defends Portland Mayor — Kennedy Calls Wheeler ‘The Nutless Wonder’)

“Where is the mass destruction of property happening right now?” Yellin asked.

“Do you watch the news?” Maher interrupted.

“If you look at Portland, it is two square blocks —” Yellin argued.

“There is a view, it is in the media. I know you’ve seen it,” Maher protested, appearing to be taken aback. “Don’t look at me like I am making this up — that somehow this is a justifiable approach.”

“Isn’t pain part of protest?” Yellin asked. “I mean —”

“So you’re part of this, you believe it,” Maher pushed back, adding, “I saw this guy at a Papa John’s yelling through broken glass, ‘You are going to elect Trump, and I’m just trying to feed my family.’ I don’t think his view is just like, ‘c’est la vie, it’s just property.'”

Fox News host Jedediah Bila cut back in to the reaired segment, saying that she would be interested to see just how much heat Maher was taking from the left for calling out what many of them had refused to condemn. “I would love to see his hate mail inbox,” she said.