‘If They Wanted Hysterical They Could Have Elected Hillary’: Donald Trump Jr. Reacts To Woodward Revelations

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Donald Trump Jr. told “Watters’ World” Saturday night that people “could have elected” Hillary Clinton in 2016 “if they wanted hysterical.”

President Donald Trump has been criticized by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and others after revelations that he told journalist Bob Woodward he downplayed the emerging thread of coronavirus to avoid mass panic. He has called the recordings a “political hit job.”

“You got me,” Trump Jr., mockingly told Fox News host Jesse Watters, pretending to be his father. “I was trying to maintain calm. I’m the president of the United States of America, and I wasn’t hysterical.”


“If they wanted hysterical they could have elected Hillary because she’s pretty good at that,” he continued. “You saw some of the videos she does with Bill wanting to off himself in the background last week alone. But that’s the different. He wanted to remain calm.”

Trump Jr. referenced Dr. Anthony Fauci saying he “didn’t get any sense” that Trump was downplaying the virus.

“I want my commander in chief to be calm under pressure,” Trump Jr. said. “I want him to not exert hysteria to the American people and cause a panic. That doesn’t mean he’s not dealing with it sincerely or severely.” (RELATED: ‘If You’re A Leader, You Take Things On You’: Rudy Giuliani Defends Trump’s COVID-19 Response By Recalling 9/11)

The Trump Organization official criticized Woodward as someone needing to “crank out another book.”

“You know, he was right once 40 years ago and he’s carried it that way ever since,” he said.