‘Who Cares About The Concentration Camps?’: Jake Tapper Torches Disney Over ‘Mulan’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchor Jake Tapper took direct aim at Disney as he wrapped up his Sunday show, “State of the Union.”

In his ending monologue, Tapper slammed the entertainment giant both for thanking the Chinese Communist Party officials who are responsible for keeping Uighur Muslims in concentration camps and for filming in an area where those camps existed in the first place. (RELATED: ‘I Think You Have An Urgent Phone Call’: Bernie Sanders Ignores Interruption And Keeps Bashing Trump)


Noting that thousands of Americans were still looking for fun things to do at home as they continued to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Tapper said, “Maybe you seek this respite and you subscribe to Disney Plus, Disney’s streaming service and you turn on their new live action film ‘Mulan,’ fun, nice, family-friendly. And maybe you stay for the credits. And you see Disney thank the propaganda authorities of the ruling Chinese Communist Party.”

Tapper went on to point out the fact that “Mulan” had been filmed in the same province as the confinement camps where, according to the U.S. State Department, some two million Uighur Muslims were being subjected to “cruel and inhumane treatment.” To make matters worse, Tapper also noted that Disney had thanked a local police department — “a police department that was sanctioned by the U.S. Government for its role in running these concentration camps.”

The CNN anchor balked at a statement from Disney saying that it was standard practice to thank local governments and authorities for giving permission to film crews to operate, responding, “Really? How standard is it to film in an area where the local government has concentration camps and is being accused of genocide? I guess we should be happy no parts of ‘Fantasia’ needed to be filmed in occupied Poland. The star went on the channel and expressed thanks for the police in Hong Kong for cracking down. That’s one person, the young actor. The big problem is Disney thanking people accused of committing genocide. Why? Money. So, who cares about the concentration camps, right?”

Tapper went on to tie the issue to President Donald Trump as well, referencing former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s claims that Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping to go ahead and build more camps.

“After a horrible genocide, the Holocaust, the world came together and pledged never again, never again,” Tapper concluded. “The NBA, President Trump and the Walt Disney Company, they’re making those words meaningless.”