Nancy Grace: ‘Every Pedophile … Is Going Straight Online Like A Bat Out Of Hell To Watch’ Netflix’s ‘Cuties’

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Nancy Grace criticized the new Netflix film “Cuties,” calling it “child pornography” and “sexploitation of children” during a Sunday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

The film, released Wednesday, focuses on an 11-year-old girl who tries to fit in with other girls at school by learning to dance suggestively.

Grace told Fox News host Jedediah Bila she was “very disturbed” after watching the Netflix offering in preparation for her media appearance.


Grace described the opening scene as something that “may be okay in France but not here,” then went on to talk about a scene where the main character “tries to take a picture of a little boy, private parts in the bathroom and that seems to be accepted.”

“It culminates when in her bed to gain acceptance with the dance troupe she takes a triple X-rated photo of herself, and you can imagine what that would be, the worst thing you can think of, and she posts it so she’ll be accepted,” Grace continued. “That is what is being peddled by Netflix, and look, Netflix has a lot of great offerings, but this is wrong. It seems to be that they are sexually exploiting little girls in the name of exposing sexploitation.”

Bilas asked Grace for her perspective as a crime reporter on how such a movie could “play out in the real world.”

“Well it’s playing out right now,” Grace responded. “I guarantee it every pedophile that can afford Netflix is going straight online like a bat out of Hell to watch ‘Cuties’ right now.” (RELATED: ‘Child Porn’: Tulsi Gabbard Says She Canceled Her Netflix Account Over ‘Cuties’)

“It’s supposed to be a coming of age film,” Grace concluded. “It’s not. It’s child pornography. It’s sexploitation of children and what’s telling is Netflix first marketed it in a very provocative way, then they apologized and changed their marketing. So, a lot of it has to do with how Netflix is marketing it.”