‘A Bunch Of Savages’: Dan Bongino Rips Into Protesters Who Hope Wounded Deputies Will Die

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino made it clear Sunday that he had no patience for protesters who hoped wounded deputies would die.

Bongino joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss two Los Angeles County deputies who were shot in their vehicle, both of whom were reportedly wounded. Following the shooting, protesters blocked the emergency room entrance and exit of the hospital and chanted, “We hope they die.” (RELATED: ‘You Refuted Your Own Point’: Dan Bongino Fires Back At Donna Brazile Over Russian Bounty Reports)


“You have a bunch of savages and that’s what they are,” Bongino began. “Can we just put aside all the nuance for a moment and just be honest? You have savages. They aren’t animals because I have a dog now and my dog knows right and wrong so you have savages that show up at the hospital while the mother of a 6-year-old is fighting for her life for the very act of showing up and protecting your community, is shot and nearly killed, and they’re screaming that we want her dead or whatever kind of savagery?”

Bongino went on to argue that even in a country that values free speech and free expression, there were some ideas that weren’t worth hearing.

“We should hear people out,” he explained, adding, “You know what, you’re not worth hearing. You’re a loser, okay? If your idea is oh, we should hear out, we should give communism another try, you know we should bring racially segregated dorms back, that’s worth hearing. We should bring back the idea of defunding the police, you’re not worth hearing. You’re filth. Your ideas are crap. You’re crap. You’re garbage, and you’re not worth hearing out.”

Bongino concluded that the protesters were lucky that they lived in a country where they had the right to say whatever they wanted, but argued that there was no point in “negotiating” with the protesters.

President Donald Trump also weighed in on the wounded deputies Sunday morning, calling for a swift trial and the death penalty for the shooter if the deputies didn’t make it.