Man Sleeping In His Backyard Gets Quite The Surprise When Bear Wakes Him Up


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A man just taking a little snooze in his backyard in Greenfield, Massachusetts, got quite the surprise when a bear wandered into his backyard and woke him from his nap.

Yes, you read that correctly. It happened when Matt Bete was napping by his pool when a bear showed up. A Ring camera caught the whole thing, per TMZ  in a piece published Monday.


At the start of the clip, we can see just the tip of man’s feet in the reclining lounger. All of the sudden, a black bear appeared in his backyard and headed straight for the pool. (RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Go Ahead And Move Forward’: Fox News Reporter Reacts As A Bear Runs Through Live Shot)

The bear then leaned into the water and it was unclear, at first, if he’s going for a dip or was just thirsty. The animal then opted to steal a drink of water from the pool.

The bear seemed to be thinking about leaving after his drink when he apparently saw or caught a whiff of something as he walked slowly over to the sleeping man.

The bear started sniffing around the guy’s feet before he started to paw at the man’s foot and it appears that then woke him up.

It definitely looked like the bear was surprised to see the man and so he took off running, but not completely.

We then see Bete pull out his phone and start taking pictures of the black bear who slowly wanders back into the yard for his photo op before he finally takes off.