YouTube’s Damani Felder Criticizes Cardi B, Sen. Kamala Harris

(Left: Cardi B's Twitter; Right: Damani Felder's Twitter)

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Damani Felder, the founder of YouTube’s ‘The Right Brothers,’ spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about Democrat California Sen. Kamala Harris meeting with Jacob Blake, Cardi B and Candace Owens and more.

Harris recently told Jacob Blake, a shooting victim in a police-related incident in Kenosha, Wisconson, who is also accused of sexual assault, that she is “proud of him,” according to the family’s attorney. Nearly two weeks earlier, Harris said during the Democratic National Convention that she “[has] fought for children and survivors of sexual assault” and she “[knows] a predator when [she sees] one.” (RELATED: Kamala Harris In April 2019: ‘I Believe’ Joe Biden’s Accusers)

“Kamala’s comments are really indicative of how out of touch and disingenuous the Democratic Party has become,” Felder said, “because at this point they’ve realized they have to say certain things. There is no more room for individualism or diversity of thought or diversity of opinion on the lefthand side of the aisle.”

Felder continued, “for me to hear her say that it didn’t surprise me because I now know what the left is —they showed their true colors at this point.”

He also discussed the ongoing civil unrest throughout the country, Cardi B and Candace Owens and more.


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