YouTuber Records ‘Peaceful Protest’ Of Himself Pooping In Pelosi’s Driveway

Screenshot/YouTube/Lifes Mavrek

Phillip Nieto Contributor
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A YouTuber by the name “Lifes Mavrek” recorded himself via a livestream Saturday defecating on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s driveway in San Francisco, California.

“That’s for President Trump,” the man shouts as he walks out of the camera frame. “F**k that b*tch. F**k you, Nancy Pelosi! I hope you enjoy that s**t!” (RELATED: 5 People Hospitalized After Contracting Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria)

The video entitled, “Poopalosi” has garnered over 20,000 views, the man recording the stream has been identified as “Armando”, according to the NY Post.


“Oh my God, what the f**k did I do,” Armando tells his livestream audience. “We just dropped off antifa at f**king her house, dude.”

“No justice, no peace, my poops got to release,” the YouTuber chants as he walks away from Pelosi’s residence.

“Hey everybody, I just took a s**t on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway! Why?! Because f**ck that b**tch,” Armando shouts at restaurant customers while cruising down the street on a bike. “America, hell yeah! F**k Pelosi, I just s**t on her lawn!”

In a follow up livestream, Armando reveals authorities with the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police detained him after being reported by the Capitol Police department. (RELATED: White House Officials Allege Speaker Pelosi Pushed To Include Hyde Amendment Loophole Into Coronavirus Stimulus Plan)

“I really am going to need a f**king lawyer dude,” he said. “They asked me about Kamala Harris,  how I joked around that if she lived in San Francisco, I’d s**t on her house too. They weren’t f**king playing.”

Armando added, “It was a peaceful protest.”