Candace Owens: Violence Against Police ‘A Natural Progression Of The Left’s Increasingly Deranged Rhetoric’

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Conservative activist Candace Owens blamed the “left’s increasingly deranged rhetoric” at least in part for recent violence against police officers.

Owens’ appearance on Tuesday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News comes after two Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies were ambushed by a still-at-large attacker Saturday night.

Host Tucker Carlson asked her why she feels basketball star Lebron James has yet to respond to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s challenge to help fund the reward to bring the shooter to justice.


“I’d like to first point out and remind America of what Lebron James specifically said a couple of months ago — and I spoke out against this immediately — he tweeted to his hundreds of millions of fans and followers that we are literally being hunted,” Owens said. “We, meaning black people, being hunted by, meaning white people in this country, and think about that statement and what kind of a bat signal it sends out to black Americans, to young black men, when someone of his caliber and his status is saying that we are literally being hunted.”

“He’s implying that white people are predators, that our law enforcement agents are predators, and that we are in a state of survival,” she continued. “I mean, if you are literally being hunted, that sort of rhetoric, right? That would mean that you either have to run to survive or that you have to hunt first to survive, and what we are seeing in L.A. is a natural progression of the left’s increasingly deranged rhetoric. It breaks my heart.”

Owens argued that the rhetoric has created “an entire ecosystem of guilt” perpetrated by the media and Democratic politicians like Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. (RELATED: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’: Detroit Police Chief Blasts Ed Markey For Suggesting Police Should Be Disarmed)

Harris famously told Jacob Blake that she “was proud” of him last week. Blake, who currently faces charges of sexual assault, was shot seven times by police after allegedly resisting arrest, running, then allegedly attempting to retrieve a knife in his vehicle.

“You cannot just signal to these young men that they are being hunted,” Owens said. “That’s not true. We are not in a race war, the leftist media is trying to create that simulation because they are after the destruction of America and I truly and deeply believe that.”