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Here Are All The States With Mail-In Voting Issues… So Far

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More than 500,000 mail-in and absentee ballots were rejected as of Aug. 22 as part of the presidential primary eleciton, and concerns continue to mount as to whether or not the Nov. 3 election will see unprecedented issues with mass mail-in voting.

While mail-in voting may not necessarily be plagued with malicious corruption, there have nonetheless been numerous instances of issues with mail-in voting. Some votes get tossed because they arrive too late, while others are disqualified because signature verification fails. Others simply fill out the ballots incorrectly.

  • At least 1,200 ballots were rejected in Alaska’s primary, according to Anchorage Daily News. Most ballots were rejected because voters lacked witness signatures, which is required by Alaska state law, per the report.
  • More than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in California’s March presidential primary, according to the Associated Press. Nearly 70,000 were disqualified for missing the deadline, while more than 27,000 were rejected because the signature on the ballot didn’t match the signature on record.
  • 1% of absentee ballots were rejected in Connecticut’s primary, according to Hartford Courant.
  • 5.2% of mail-in ballots were rejected in Delaware’s presidential primary for being either unsigned, incomplete, arriving too late or in 52 cases, the voter was dead, according to the Associated Press.
  • Approximately 18,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in Florida’s March presidential primary, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
  • 1,000 voters allegedly voted twice in Georgia’s primary, voting both by mail and in person.
  • At least 15,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in Kentucky’s primary due to issues with mismatched signatures, while others were disqualified because the envelope was unsealed.
  • More than 2,000 ballots were rejected in Maine’s primary, with most getting disqualified because the envelope was not signed, according to Bangor Daily News.
  •  160,000 ballots were never delivered to Maryland residents, where everyone was supposed to automatically get mail-in ballots, according to CNN.
  • 163 mail-in ballots went uncounted in the town of Boonsboro, Maryland, but a full recount was later ordered, according to LocalDVM.
  • Nearly 35,000 ballots were rejected in Maryland’s June primary, with a majority rejected due to late arrival and failure to verify the voter’s identity, according to WUSA 9.
  • 3,000 mail-in ballots went uncounted in Massachusetts Franklin County Sept. 1 primary. Jake Auchincloss won the Democratic runoff by just 2,000 votes, according ABC News.
  • 315 ballots were rejected in Mississippi’s March presidential primary, according to WLBT.
  • Nearly 1,000 ballots went uncounted in Missouri after having arrived too late, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
  • Montana rejected less than 1% of all mail-in ballots, according to NBC Montana.
  • 6,700 mail-in ballots were uncounted in Nevada’s primary after officials failed to match signatures on the ballots with signatures on record, according to the Associated Press. While 12,000 ballots were originally rejected, just under half were later counted after election officials managed to contact voters to confirm the validity of their signatures.
  • More than 1,000 ballots went uncounted in a mayoral election in Montclair, New Jersey due to mismatched signatures and the ballots never making it to the post office. The winner, Sean Spiller, won the election by a slim margin of 195 votes.
  • More than 1,600 ballots were counted more than a month late after officials in Sussex County, New Jersey, found the ballots in a “mislabeled” bin, according to ABC 6 Philadelphia.
  • More than 40,000 ballots, or 2.8% of all votes cast, were rejected in New Jersey’s primary. In 2018, Democratic Rep. Andy Kim won the state’s 3rd Congressional District by just 1.3% of the votes, according to New Jersey Herald.
  • One in five mail-in ballots were found to be fraudulent in Paterson, New Jersey’s city council election. At least 800 ballots were rejected for appearing in mailboxes tethered together.
  • The New York 12th Congressional District Primary results were delayed more than a month after the Postal Service had issues processing some of the mail-in ballots correctly, with thousands wrongly disqualified, according to the New York Times.
  • 3,614 absentee ballots — or 3.6% of ballots cast — were rejected in Oklahoma’s June primary, with most getting tossed for arriving too late, according to The Oklahoman.
  • More than 37,000 ballots were rejected in Pennsylvania, a state President Donald Trump won by only 44,000 votes in 2016, according to Patch.
  • A handful of South Carolina election ballots were found in Maryland, according to Fox News. Other voters in Greenville County received the wrong absentee ballot while some voters in Charleston received ballots that were folded in such a way that it was difficult for scanning machines to properly read them, per the same report.
  • 23,000 votes cast by Wisconsin voters during their April primary were tossed out because they arrived too late or were filled out incorrectly, according to ABC News.