Trump Says He’ll Go On Fox & Friends Every Week Until Election Day, Fox Says No Deal Has Been Made

Fox News/Video screenshot

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump will go on Fox & Friends (F&F) for an interview every week until Election Day, he announced on the program Tuesday morning.

Trump said he would interview with the show every Monday morning, but program host Steve Doocy clarified that Fox News had not agreed to the plan, going on to say Vice President Joe Biden is welcome on the show as well.

Trump’s Tuesday morning call with the show lasted 47 minutes and covered everything from Trump’s coronavirus response to his willingness to sell U.S. F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Trump is scheduled to host the leaders of Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain at the White House on Tuesday to highlight recent peace efforts in the Middle East. Trump’s administration brokered peace agreements between Israel and the two countries, making them the first Arab states to formalize diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

Trump has said other Arab nations have expressed interest in making similar deals, but the administration has not released details on how talks are progressing or with whom. (REPORT: Trump Considering Replacing Defense Secretary Mark Esper With Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie)

Trump has increasingly touted his efforts in the Middle East as Election Day approaches, also highlighting agreements to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.