‘Black Lives Matter Is A Farce’: Bishop Aubrey Shines Rips BLM, Democrats

(Left: MARANIE R. STAAB/AFP via Getty Images; Right: Samantha Renck)

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Bishop Aubrey Shines, a founder of the Conservative Clergy of Color, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about his coalition, the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

“What we really are doing in a nutshell — we’re just giving an alternative,” Shines said. “When I hear a project, for instance like ‘1619,’ and I realize that the founder herself says, ‘by the way, this is not history.’ But yet, our public schools are going to use it as curriculum — there’s time for a pushback.”

He added, “when I look at a lot of the mainstream media, they don’t allow dissenting voices. There’s an assumption that if you are black or brown, or whatever you may be, white, that you have to fit a specific narrative.”

“Clergy of Color — what we do is say ‘no, that’s not true,'” Shines said. (RELATED: YouTube’s Damani Felder Criticizes Cardi B, Sen. Kamala Harris)

Shines also discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, his thoughts on Nike and Disney and more.


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