Man Pretends To Help Veteran Dying Of Heart Attack, Robs Him

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Julia Johnson Contributor
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Ray Bass, 66, died of a heart attack aboard a GRTC bus in Richmond, Virginia on Sept. 10, Fox 2 reported.

Video footage of the incident appears to show that a fellow passenger pretended to aid the dying man, but actually robbed him, according to Fox 2.

The retired Air Force veteran was on his way to a doctors appointment when he suffered a heart attack, according to Fox 2. Passengers alerted the driver that a man had collapsed shortly before 11AM. The Driver pulled over for the emergency and called 911, but help did not arrive in time to save the veteran. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: US Marine Raising Awareness For Veteran Suicide)

During the incident, passenger Demontea Chappell stayed behind to aid Bass, Fox 2 reports. Video footage released by the Richmond Police Department showed Chappell rifling through the dying man’s pockets and taking his wallet, according to Fox 2.

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Chappell was caught on tape asking “Pops, what yo name is pops?” and telling the man “I’m trying to find your wallet.” He was then seen removing a wad of cash from the man’s wallet and leaving him. The suspect took between $200-$400 from the victim, according to Richmond Detective Greg Russell.

“I’ve been a police officer for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Russell said. “This might take the cake. This is a vile incident that should not have happened. This man deserved respect and was totally disrespected,” he continued. (RELATED: Richmond, Virginia, Bans Guns At Public Events That Require A City Permit)

“Whoever the person is who went in Ray’s wallet as he lay there deceased, has no soul and represents the devil. God is stronger and he will find you,” Bass’s common-law wife, Renee Scott, told CBS 6, according. to WTVR.

Bass’s niece also criticized Chappell’s actions in an interview with CBS 6. “Calling him pops as if he knew him. He wasn’t trying to help him at all. You could see he was actually kicking him to make sure he wasn’t moving and dead before he went into his wallet,” she said. “The scum of the earth, bottom feeders and there’s a lot out here amongst us,” she continued.

The Richmond police department said that the suspect turned himself in, Fox 2 reported.