Poll: More Women In America Identify As Heavy Drinkers Than Men

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More women than men are identifying as heavy drinkers in the United States.

Data shows 5.2% of women engaged in heavy drinking compared to just 5% of men in 2018, according to data from the National Health Service Survey released in August by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“This report describes adult alcohol use in the United States and presents the prevalence of heavy drinking by demographic characteristics, select mental health indicators, and select measures of health care access and utilization,” the report read.

Only 5.1% of adults in the United States reported engaging in heavy drinking, while 15.5% engaged in moderate drinking, according to the study. (RELATED: Anne Hathaway Reveals She’s Not An Alcoholic, Just A Heavy Drinker)

This isn’t the best win for women, but I knew there was something out there women were better than men at.

Even if it isn’t by much — just 0.2% here — women are clearly the better drinkers. I’ll gladly accept this win for women.

There is a sad aspect to the data and that is that adults who regularly feel worried, anxious or depressed were more likely to engage in heavy drinking than people who don’t regularly feel that way.

So, maybe we need to be better in terms of mental health. We can definitely do that.

Happy drinking only. That should be a rule for everyone.