Man Arrested After Punching 84-Year-Old Woman, Attacking Others At Trump Rally


Marlo Safi Culture Reporter
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A man was arrested after punching an 84-year-old woman and attacking multiple other people at a rally held in support of President Donald Trump in California, numerous sources reported.

Alvin Gary Shaw, 33, was taken into custody on suspicion of elder abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, and battery after allegedly assaulting three people at the rally Wednesday night in Aliso Viejo, CBS LA reported.

Donna Snow was among the people who Shaw reportedly struck. She was hit in the face so hard that she says her earrings were knocked off. 

“He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face,” 84-year-old Snow told CBS. “Broke my earrings off.”

Cynthia Cantrelle-Westman told KTLA 5 that she thought Shaw was going to join their group. 

“Instead he was pretty upset and he started using profanity from the minute he arrived,” she said. “He kept coming over to me and getting in my face, and all I could say was the F-word.”

Witnesses say the suspect blew smoke in their faces before he began to punch people. One person was knocked to the ground by the suspect while trying to help others, and a third victim was taken to the hospital with a neck injury. The three women who were assaulted are ages 55, 74 and 84, according to KTLA 5. (RELATED: University Suspends Professor For Viral Video Wishing Trump Supporters Would ‘Die Before The Election’)

A retired police officer got involved and pulled his gun as the suspect attempted to flee the scene. Officials said that Shaw was armed with a knife, which they found in a nearby bush, according to CBS.

Inmate records show he was released Thursday after posting bail, according to KTLA.

“This could have been a very serious incident,” Sgt. Dennis Breckner of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said according to CBS. “In this case, this was just two groups that disagree, and while we support people and their using their First Amendment rights to put out their message, we prefer that that remain peaceful.”