Northeastern Upholds Dismissal Of 11 Students Caught Breaking Distancing Rules, Credits Tuition To Spring Semester

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Adam Barnes General Assignment Reporter
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Northeastern University announced Thursday that 11 students dismissed earlier this month for violating the school’s social distancing policies will have part of their fall tuition credited to the spring term, after an appeal.

The private Boston research university previously said the students would not be refunded their $36,500 semester Tuition, according to a CNN report. Now, they will receive a $27,760 credit.

The university found 11 students in one room at a Westin Hotel in Boston, which serves as a dormitory this semester, without masks and not practicing safe distancing, according to the Boston Globe(RELATED: Northeastern University Dismisses 11 Students For Violating Social Distancing Rules, Won’t Refund Their Tuition)

“The student conduct appeals board board-consisting of two administrators and one student-unanimously upheld the original sanction, including the loss of tuition, room, and board, the school tweeted.”

“The University retains discretion to modify the sanction and, in the case of all 11 students, the tuition portion of their fall semester expenses (27,760) will be credited toward the spring semester at  Northeastern,” the school tweeted.

“While the students remain dismissed from the NUin program, they will continue to have access to academic advising, mental health and other support services.”

University officials nationwide have varied in their responses to COVID-19 outbreaks on their respective campuses. Bradley University in central Illinois, for example, quarantined its entire student body. And there are other cases, like the one at West Virginia University, where officials restructure the proportion of in-person to virtual classes. Commonly, though, officials have blamed student parties for their school’s outbreaks.