‘Their Moment To Shine’: Spencer Klavan On Culture, The Classics And President Trump

Spencer Klavan speaks with the Daily Caller

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Spencer Klavan, host of the “Young Heretics” podcast, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about his thoughts on Western culture and more.

“The show’s called  ‘Young Heretics,'” Klavan said in reference to his podcast. “Basically what happened is — I went to the grad school and it became more and more clear to me that our academies had been slowly taken over by really a kind of mind virus.”

He continued, “I mean this just package of ideas that you can’t read too many dead, white men. That you have to read indigenous authors or else you’re racist or whatever.” (RELATED: University Suspends Professor For Viral Video Wishing Trump Supporters Would ‘Die Before The Election’)

“When the world is falling apart, as it currently seems to a lot of people to be doing in front of your eyes, the first thing that you want to be doing is just going out into the world, reading the latest news story,” he said. “Of course — I do a lot of that. It’s not like I reject that idea. I think that there are tremendously unsettling things going on in our world and that we need to be paying a lot of attention to them.”

“That having been said, if we had an academy, if there were a real academy dedicated to the discovery and the preservation of truth in this country, this really would be their moment to shine,” he added.

Klavan also discussed his thoughts on President Donald Trump, the 2020 election and more.


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