‘Stop Lying To The People!’: Schumer Interrupted By Hecklers During Press Conference On SCOTUS Opening

(MSNBC screengrab)

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Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer was interrupted by at least two hecklers as he gave an outdoor press conference Tuesday.

Schumer was speaking on the topic of Republicans’ intent to fill the seat left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democrats point to the fact that Senate Majority Leader withheld a confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland in 2016 as evidence of hypocrisy, while Republicans cite the Constitutional right to fill the seat as well as the White House and Senate party split that existed.

“Senate Republicans in this administration have demonstrated they can’t be trusted to protect the American people,” Schumer said. “That’s why Senator Murray and I introduced the stop act to establish essential oversight of the coronavirus response. The bill would create a task force to report to the public when Politics are behind COVID response decisions rather than Republicans just letting scientists doing their work. You’ll hear more about that from Senator Murray, but we Democrats are fighting as we hard as we can to protect Americans. And we need Americans to …”

The New York senator at this point was interrupted and visibly distracted by loud hecklers.


“Stop lying to the people!” someone shouted.

“Jesus saves,” said another.

“Stop lying to the people!” said the first heckler while the other said, “Jesus loves you guys!” (RELATED: Flashback: Former Justice Antonin Scalia Revealed Who He Wanted To Replace Him During Obama Presidency)

“Thank you,” Schumer said after a pause before continuing: “Democrats are fighting as hard as we can to protect Americans. But we need Americans to continue to fight with us to keep holding Republican senators accountable.”