ELECTION DISSECTION: It’s Not Just Hispanics — Former Florida Rep. Explains Why Trump Is Edging Out Biden In His Home State

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Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc sat down Monday with former Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo for an exclusive interview on the Sunshine State’s state of play.

In particular, Curbelo noted that Florida’s Hispanic population — dominated by Cuban-Americans in the South — does not mirror the country’s Hispanic population at large and should therefore not be used as a tell-all model for President Donald Trump’s national support. Still, he did note that there are several key factors that explain why Florida is still very much a winnable state for POTUS. (RELATED: Trump And Biden Are Tied In Florida, NBC News Poll Finds — Trump Leads Among Latino Voters, Biden Leads Among Seniors)

Curbelo said that there are a number of issues holding back former Vice President Joe Biden in 2020, and he expects them all to be raised during the upcoming presidential debates. Ultimately, Florida is one of those battlegrounds that we won’t have an exact read on until Election Day, and it’s shaping up to be be 2000 all over again.


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