Drew Barrymore Surprises Oregon Fire Chief Who Lost Her Home To Wildfire With $10,000

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot The Drew Barrymore Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMiTqu3Zfo8&feature=emb_logo)

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Actress Drew Barrymore surprised an Oregon fire chief who had lost her home to a wildfire with $10,000.

Barrymore had Christiana Rainbow Plews on her talk show Monday where she presented her with the money.


“I know it’s not enough but just a little start to say that you are an inspiration to us all,” Barrymore told Rainbow Plews. “Thank you Chief Rainbow for being the example to us all.”

Rainbow Plews lost her home while she was leading a group of volunteer firefighters battling the Holiday Farm Fire. Eight of her volunteer firefighters also lost their homes.

“Blue River is completely gone,” she told Barrymore. “Not only all the homes, but all the businesses, including our fire station.” (RELATED: Oregon Wildfires Force 500,000 To Flee)

“Somebody has to do it,” Rainbow Plews said. “Somebody has to lead and somebody has to help get the healing and rebuilding process started.”

“I am the chief and I am in the position to impact that, so I just have to be strong,” she added. “I just have to do it for everyone else and hopefully we can all find our way.”

The wildfires in Oregon put roughly 500,000 residents under evacuation orders, as previously reported. The approximate number of Oregonians who have evacuated accounts for roughly 10% of the state’s 4.2 million citizens, according to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM), the Associated Press reported.