‘Weekly World News With Botox’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld mocked CNN anchor Don Lemon — and the entire network — during a Tuesday segment of  “The Five.”

Gutfeld began by bringing up a clip of Don Lemon from Monday night, when he suggested to fellow anchor Chris Cuomo that the only option for Democrats would be to “blow up the entire system,” getting rid of the Electoral College and packing the court. (RELATED: ‘Blow Up The Entire System’: Don Lemon Is Ready To Scrap The Electoral College, Pack The Court)


“As President Trump prepares to fill his seat, Don Lemon fills his diaper,” Gutfeld cracked, referencing Republican plans to push ahead and fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the passing of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“Yes, extremism is in at CNN, a symptom of cognitive failure,” Gutfeld continued, noting that Cuomo and Lemon had previously argued that because they were able to have a safe and pleasant dinner in New York City, reports of crime, looting and violence must have been overblown.

“Nice journalism there, champ. No wonder CNN is now just Weekly World News with botox,” Gutfeld added. “‘Hey, I didn’t get stabbed! Waiter, more pinot …’ This is the same guy that mocked the mayhem until the polls mocked him.”

Gutfeld went to another clip of Lemon saying that people needed to stop rioting because the unrest was impacting polls across the country. (RELATED: ‘This Is How You Ruin A Meal And Reelect Trump’: Greg Gutfeld Blasts Protesters For Bullying Diners)

“They envision Trump destroying society but they are doing their work and excusing the real chaos, which happened,” Gutfeld concluded.