California Neighborhood On Alert Following Several Sightings Of A Mountain Lion

Courtesy National Park Service/Handout via REUTERS

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A northern California neighborhood is on alert following several sightings of a mountain lion in the residential area of Pacifica.

In the video shared by TMZ in a piece published Wednesday, we see the large lion had been hiding in someone’s front yard behind a couple of bushes and it appeared to be scoping something or someone out. (RELATED: San Diego Child Possibly Attacked By Mountain Lion: Officials)


The mountain lion then slinked away, jumped over the person’s front yard gate and took shelter underneath a large truck just steps away from were some kids were riding their bikes. (RELATED: Lion Scalps 4-Year-Old Girl After She Gets Too Close To Fence On Big Cat Farm)

Timothy Kerrisk, who captured the video of the lion in his front yard, told KRON4that at first he thought it was a large dog, like a German Shepherd, but once he realized it was cougar, he shouted at the kids playing out front to get inside.

Kerrisk told the outlet that once the kids were safe inside, he chased the puma away and over the hill.

The part that has everyone on edge is that it’s reportedly not the first time the mountain animal had been spotted. Timothy explained that the same wild cat was going after his cat earlier in the day before the homeowner’s, neighbor shared that the cougar had reportedly killed a deer in his backyard.