‘It Looks Like COVID-Palooza’: Sunny Hostin Blasts Trump Over Pennsylvania Rally

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Sunny Hostin attacked President Donald Trump during a Wednesday segment of “The View,” saying that his Pennsylvania rally looked like “COVID-Palooza.”

Hostin accused the president of not caring that people were crammed together and downplaying the threat of attending such an event. (RELATED: ‘McConnell Is An Absolute Gangster’: Meghan McCain Says Republicans Should Replace RBG, But Beware)


The segment began with cohost Meghan McCain talking about the upcoming first presidential debate between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden and explaining that the two were going to have to swap optics to some degree.

McCain argued that Trump needed to show some empathy and Biden needed to show more strength — and she mentioned a recent ABC poll that showed Biden with only half the Hispanic support that Hillary Clinton had in Florida in 2016. “He’s bleeding Hispanic voters,” she explained, adding that he needed to find a way to reverse that trend.

Whoopi Goldberg pivoted to address the coronavirus pandemic, saying that all Biden really needed to say was, “I may look sleepy, and I may be sleepy, but I didn’t let 200,000 people die in the middle of a pandemic. I didn’t lie to you.”

Hostin cut in then, saying, “But it looks like COVID-Palooza, doesn’t it? I mean, no masks, no social distancing. Everybody was crammed together, and Donald Trump doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. He’s actually still downplaying it. He’s saying that, you know, not that many people are vulnerable. I know people who have died from the coronavirus. Those people died.”