Candace Owens: Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Is Being ‘Socially Lynched And Stripped Of His Identity’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Conservative activist Candace Owens said Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is being “socially lynched and stripped of his identity” by activists upset about the fact that only one of three officers involved in the incident that led to Breonna Taylor’s death was charged.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson began the Thursday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment by contending that MSNBC “attacked” Cameron as a “race traitor” after the charging announcement.

Owens called it “absolutely infuriating to watch.”


“If you actually look at what they are saying and what the deeper implications are here, it’s that there is a right way, a correct way and a wrong way to be black, meaning that you could look at me and say ‘Candace Owens is black and therefore I can assign a bunch of characteristics and expectations upon to her based on her skin color,'” Owens said, calling it “the very definition of racism.”

“I’ve often said the Democrat Party has built almost a prototype of what it means to be a black American,” she continued. “That prototype means a black American must vote Democrat. You must react emotionally and not rationally and not pause to think.”

Owens blasted the insistence that “cultural icons” like LeBron James and Beyonce be listened to and even seemingly worshiped. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Civil Rights Attorney Breaks Down The Breonna Taylor Decision — What Comes Next?)

“[Cameron] did the right thing by ignoring the various pressures coming from culture and the mainstream media, and for that you’re seeing him being socially lynched and stripped of his identity because he acted professionally and rationally,” Owens said. “You know, this guy should be commended by both sides and instead he’s being attacked racially by the left.”