Jason Whitlock Calls Judiciary Panel A ‘Clown Show,’ Asks ‘What’s My Tax Dollars Going For?’

(Twitter/Screenshot/Public User: House GOP Judiciary)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Sports columnist Jason Whitlock slammed the House Judiciary, calling the hearing a “clown show” and asking, “What’s my tax dollars going for?”

The comments came during a panel discussion that was supposed to focus on “diversity in media” at a hearing on Thursday that featured himself and actress Joy Villa, among others.

“I appreciate you not asking me to make a negative comment about President Trump, who’s not a part of the media,” Whitlock told the panel. “You guys called a meeting to discuss the media and somehow you shifted … to pre-record negative comments about President Trump.”


Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan then proceeded to ask Whitlock, “Do you have free speech rights when only one side is allowed to talk, which is exactly what the cancel culture mob is doing today?” (Congressional Candidate, Former NFL Player Burgess Owens Doesn’t Believe There’s A ‘Black National Anthem’)

“Absolutely not,” Whitlock replied. “I would wish we could talk about big tech’s takeover of free speech. Silicon Valley is in control of America. It’s in control of the American media. There is only one strain of thought allowed.”

“If you do not agree with Silicon Valley and northern California’s radical point of view, they will cancel you and silence you on their social media apps,” he added, “and in any other way possible, try to smear your character.”

The sports columnist continued, “And this experience I am witnessing here today, people grandstanding and trying to make comments about Trump and whatever, when we’re here to talk about the media, it pisses me off. It’s a clown show. What’s my tax dollars going for?”

“Are we here to conduct business and get at real issues or we here to put out … an anti-Trump commercial?” Whitlock asked during the hearing. “I don’t want any parts in it. I don’t want to participate in any of this presidential politics. I didn’t have anything negative to say about Barack Obama. I don’t got anything negative to say about President Trump.”

“Let’s talk about the media and too many of you guys on the payroll of big tech,” Whitlock said.