Vietnam Police Take Down Group Selling Used Condoms, Confiscate 345,000 About To Be Resold

(Credit: Screenshot/YouTube CBS News)

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Vietnam police reportedly confiscated roughly 345,000 used condoms being marketed and sold as new.

State-owned Vietnam Television shared footage of the bags of condoms earlier this week, according to an article published Thursday by Reuters. The bags of condoms were being held at a warehouse in Binh Duong, the outlet reported. Police were not sure exactly how many condoms were in the bags, but the bags weighed 794 lbs., according to VTV.

The owner of the warehouse claimed it received a “monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person,” state newspaper Tuoi Tre reported, according to Reuters.

A woman reportedly claimed after she was detained that the condoms were boiled in water before being reshaped using a wooden phallus. The condoms were then, by her account, packaged for resale. The woman claimed she made $0.17 for each recycled condom she produced, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Michigan Government Will Give Out Free Condoms During The Coronavirus Pandemic) 

This story is wild and gross. How can you be okay with “cleaning” condoms and then giving them to someone to resale as new to the public?

That’s disgusting. Not to mention that there’s a high chance the used condom would be broken or compromised and people would get pregnant.

This is just absolutely insane. I hope nobody got an STD from this awful situation.