Cool Off With This Backyard Inflatable Pool, Now Nearly 40% Off

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Embarrassed to call the neighbors to ask if you can use their pool again? You’re not alone. But just because you don’t have an actual pool in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t cool off with the fam on those particularly hot afternoons.

Enter the Avenlur Inflatable Family Pool! This non-permanent pool alternative will change those hot summer days forever. Whether you need to cool off after a workout or you’re holding a full-on backyard barbecue with the fam, this blow-up pool is a great, refreshing way to spend your time under the sun.

While all you need is some air to bring this sucker to life, don’t get it confused with those little blow-up pools you put the little kidlets in to cool off.  This inflatable pool is designed to fit the entire family and measures at a whopping 10 feet by 30 inches. This perfect size is large enough to fit multiple people yet compact enough to fit in just about any size backyard, no matter how small.

While common above-ground pools are an obvious option for those without built-in swimming pools, the inflatable version can come down whenever you like. Whether the seasons change or you suddenly need the space in the backyard, you can deflate the pool, just like that — no muss, no fuss. And setting it back up again couldn’t be easier.

The Avenlur Inflatable Pool is ideal for family households thanks to their easy-to-use, safe build. In fact, it’s made entirely from environmentally-friendly and safe, raw materials, ideal for households who like to keep things as green as possible. And since the pool is designed to be anti-riot sun, anti-freeze, and anti-tear, you’ll be able to use it again and again, summer after summer, without worrying about repairs or replacing it.

For a limited time, the Avenlur Inflatable Family Pool is nearly 40% off, making it just $169.99.


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