LEVELL: Black America Deserves The President’s Platinum Plan

Image courtesy of the Trump campaign

Bruce LeVell Contributor
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Black people in America deserve more from our leaders than we’ve historically gotten. We deserve the best plan, the “platinum plan” — and with President Trump that’s exactly what we’re going to get: The Platinum Plan for Black America.

Back in 2016, President Trump asked black America to take stock of what the Democrats, who pander for their vote every year, have actually done for their community. “What do you have to lose?” he asked, and millions of black voters answered “nothing” in the ballot box.

Not only were those voters correct, they and their families and their neighbors had so much to gain. As Vernon Jones, an elected Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives put it, President Trump has done more for the black community in under four years than Joe Biden has done in more than 40.

The strategy has been the same from Inauguration Day to the present day — expand opportunity, provide security, ensure prosperity and increase fairness — and this administration’s efforts have succeeded on all fronts, helping to restore and build back black generational wealth that had been destroyed by Democrat policies.

“Opportunity zones” to direct private investment to formerly underserved communities, lower taxes and increased access to capital from the Small Business Administration have all led to increased black business ownership and the lowest black unemployment rate in American history prior to the coronavirus lockdowns. The Paycheck Protection Program, direct relief payments to American households and other emergency measures minimized the fallout from the pandemic, holding black unemployment at historically low levels that weren’t seen until well into the second term of the Obama-Biden administration.

President Trump has held the line against violent crime, squashing the spike in murders that began in the final years of Obama-Biden, and taking forceful action to provide security as Democrat-run cities allowed criminals to rampage unchecked. At the same time, though, he has also demonstrated the most consequential record on criminal justice in decades, enacting historic sentencing and prison reforms in the FIRST STEP Act that reduced black incarceration rates and gave thousands of non-violent offenders a new lease on life.

This president has also taken steps to ensure that the next generation of black Americans enjoy even greater prosperity, issuing two landmark executive orders bolstering the budgets of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and working with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to ensure these important centers of learning are not left out of the cutting edge of broadband technology.

It’s a wonderful start, but if there’s anything you should know about Donald Trump, it’s that he never gets tired of winning. That’s the idea behind his plan to expand on all these efforts in his second term: the Platinum Plan for Black America.

The core of the plan is fairness. The president will ask for $500 billion to further reduce racial disparities in access to business capital. He will also make the Minority Business Development Agency a permanent office with a leader at the sub-cabinet level, just below the Secretary of Commerce. This will include a sub-office of African American Affairs.

The president will further commit to working toward a “Second Step Act” that will build on the historic achievements of the FIRST STEP Act and continue what is already the most successful drive to stamp out unfairness and disparities in the criminal justice system undertaken by any presidential administration.

As we get closer to Election Day, the president is going to be discussing the Platinum Plan for Black America in more detail at his rallies and other events. This time, his pitch to black Americans is not to think about what Democrats haven’t delivered for us, but what the Trump administration already has, and how much more he will deliver in a second term.

Bruce LeVell is a retail jewelry manufacturer owner and the Executive Director of National Diversity Coalition for Trump’ He is the former chair of the Gwinnett County, Georgia Republican Party a frequent contributor on Fox News, One America News, Newsmax TV MSNBC & CNN