Blake Shelton Says He Doesn’t Want To Be ‘Sober’ For ‘Another Minute’ In 2020

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot TheEllenShow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuNl5ibP4wI)

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Blake Shelton revealed he has the same mindset that most Americans have about 2020 at this point.

Shelton claimed that 2020 has sucked for him during Monday’s appearance on “The Ellen Show,” according to Fox News.

“2020 sucks and I refuse to spend another minute sober!” Shelton told Ellen DeGeneres on the show.

Well, he is totally not wrong about that. I think most people would rather not spend a moment sober during these final months of 2020. It will just really suck if 2021 doesn’t really get any better.

Shelton did concede that some good came out of this coronavirus quarantine this year. Shelton’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani got to spend some time at his ranch in Oklahoma.

“[Gwen] got to be there and actually see it from pretty much winter to spring to summer and see some seasons change,” Shelton told DeGeneres.

Unfortunately, Shelton was getting ready to go on tour when the coronavirus pandemic took over the United States.

“We canceled my tour on March 12, like literally as we were building the stage for the production for that day in Omaha, Neb.,” Shelton revealed.

“We were supposed to be making some footage for a video for our single ‘Nobody but You,'” he continued.

Hopefully, he’ll be back on tour in 2021.