Co-Chair Of Indian Voices For Trump Says Indian-American Support For Trump ‘Will Be Different This Time’


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Mrinalini Kumari, the co-chair of Indian Voices for Trump, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about Indian- American support for President Donald Trump, tonight’s debate and more.

President Trump received 16% of the Indian American vote in 2016, but Kumari explained why she believes this November will be different.

“I definitely think the number will be different this time around,” she said. “They’re really concerned about their safety, their security, the education, business and the business opportunities, and small businesses, which are really important to Indians.”

Kumari also discussed if she faces backlash in her community for being a vocal supporter of Trump.

“Surprisingly, from my community, I don’t face backlash,” she said, “but of course living in New York City I face a lot of backlash. I face a lot of backlash from my business, too, because I’m in the fashion business.”

Kumari also discussed what she likes and dislikes about presidential nominee Joe Biden, how she believes the president has improved the lives of Indian Americans and more. (RELATED: REPORT: Biden Camp Refuses Pre-Debate ‘Inspection’ For Earpieces, Requests Breaks Every 30 Minutes)


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