The Premiere Date For ‘Saved By The Bell’ Revival Is Here

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MftOONlDQac)

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Fans who really loved “Saved By The Bell” are in for a treat because the premiere date for the reboot has been released.

The revival will premiere on Nov. 25, according to an article published Tuesday the New York Post. The original series aired from 1989 to 1993 and a sequel series “Saved By The Bell: The College Series” aired from 1993 to 1994, the outlet reported.

Now fans can get a glimpse of Bayside High decades later with this revival. The storyline with follow Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s character Zack Morris as he’s all grown up. Zack is apparently now the governor of California, honestly unexpected, and the storyline follows him and his family. (RELATED: ‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Screech Is Going To Trial For Stabbing)

The beloved A.C. Slater, who is played by Mario Lopez, will also make a return as the gym coach of Bayside High.

I love these storylines, but Zack Morris being the governor of California really through me off. Not that I couldn’t see him being successful. He was just clearly the class clown and I kind of thought Slater’s character would go a little farther in life than him.

I know these are just TV characters, but everyone was invested in the life of the students at “Bayside High” in the 90s and beyond. This reboot was something we all really needed.