‘That’s The Clean Technique’: Ari Fleischer Uses Whiteboard To Offer Trump Three Points Of Debate Advice

(Fox News/screenshot)

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Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer offered President Donald Trump some unsolicited debate advice during a Wednesday morning segment of “Fox & Friends.”

Trump drew fire after the debate for consistently interrupting both Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as well as moderator Chris Wallace. In criticizing both sides, Fleischer called the entire debate a “train wreck” with “too much interrupting by candidates.”

After Fleischer finished weighing in on the overall debate during the panel segment, Fox News host Steve Doocy asked him if he had a whiteboard somewhere around to offer Trump some advice.

“I have no idea how you knew that,” Fleisher asked, laughing. “You are clairvoyant. I happen to have one.”


“Here’s my advice on the next debate,” Fleischer continued. “One, interrupt less. It’s perfectly fine at key moments to jump in. Don’t do it all the time.”

Fleischer’s second piece of advice was to “let Biden flail around.”

“The president actually saved Biden on several instances,” he said. “When he said to Joe Biden ‘you won’t take a stand on packing the court, you won’t take a stand on the filibuster,’ he should have gone silent and shown America Biden isn’t taking a stand, Trump is right. But instead he interrupted again and said ‘where’s your list?’ He didn’t let Biden flail. Let the man flail, it’ll happen.” (RELATED: ‘Let Me Shut You Down For A Second, Joe’: Trump Blasts Biden On Lockdowns)

While Biden did come out against court packing in August, he refused during last night’s debate to specifically say he’d be against the practice, claiming his position would then “be the issue.” The former vice president has yet to weigh in specifically on the electoral college, though many Democrats have expressed a desire to see it abolished.

“And three, sum it up,” Fleischer added. “Let Biden go through two or three of these episodes where he doesn’t answer anything, and then say ‘here’s what’s going on, America. Joe Biden won’t tell you where he is on the Electoral College, he won’t tell you where he is on packing the court. He won’t tell you where he is on fracking. Why? Because he is so dominated by the left.'”

“Sum it all up after letting Biden flail, interrupt a whole lot less,” Fleischer concluded. “That’s the clean technique to drive through the points the president wants to get home.”