Google Searches For Libertarian Party Candidate Jo Jorgensen Spiked During The Debate

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Google searches for third party candidate Jo Jorgensen spiked during Tuesday night’s presidential debate despite Jorgensen not being on stage.

Google trends showed that searches for Jorgensen’s name increased rapidly during the debate, peaking after the debate was over at 10:48 PM. Searches began to increase sh0rtly before 9:00 when the debate began and dropped back down again after its peak. Jorgensen’s name was still searched for Wednesday at a higher rate than before the debate. (RELATED: The Debate Was So Wild, CNN’s Dana Bash Called It A ‘Sh*t Show’ Live On Air)

Jo Jorgensen Google Trends

Jo Jorgensen/Google Trends

The graph uses a scale of 0 to 100 to measure the popularity of a search term at a given time. The peak popularity of a term is represented by a value of 100.

During the day Tuesday searches for Jorgensen remained between a 4 and a 10. They slowly began to increase around 8:00 PM, moving up to a 16 by the start of the debate. Between the debate’s start and end, searches for Jorgensen had sharply increased by 76 points.

Jorgensen’s name was searched for the most in North Dakota. Wyoming followed North Dakota as Jorgensen’s second-most popular state, followed by Maine, Indiana, and Kansas.

Jorgensen, who is running for president as a Libertarian, led a campaign called “Let Her Speak” which argued that Jorgensen should have been present during Tuesday night’s debate since she is on the ballot in all 50 states.

Tuesday’s debate was marked by continuous arguing between President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and moderator Chris Wallace, who talked over each other repeatedly throughout the night.