A Raccoon Reportedly Attacked Reporters On The White House Lawn

Shutterstock, Lorri Carter

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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A raccoon reportedly attacked some reporters on the White House lawn Monday, according to CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid.

Reid tweeted that the animal “attacked multiple news crews on North Lawn. ” She included photographs, which apparently depicted the White House raccoons “in more peaceful times.”

“Strong Pawnee vibes at White House this morning as a raccoon attacked multiple news crews on North Lawn,” Reid wrote. “[The raccoon] allegedly grabbed pant leg of a photographer & then a corespondent [sic] before being fended off.”

Following the alleged attack, the White House reportedly reached out to the U.S. General Services Administration regarding the animals, Reid tweeted in an update.

Reid and her crew continued on to find a trap set for the raccoons – with marshmallows inside as bait. Upon returning to the trap Wednesday morning, Reid reported that the marshmallows were gone and the trap shut, but the raccoon, suspiciously, was nowhere to be seen.

“.@CBSNews crew spotted a [raccoon] roaming around this morning, but it had ‘no comment’ on treats missing from the trap,” Reid joked. (RELATED: Mouse Falls Onto NBC Reporter’s Lap From Ceiling Of White House Press Briefing Room)