Become A More Well-Rounded Professional With These Deeply Discounted Online Courses

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Whether you’re hoping to land a great job or could use to brush up on your computer skills, there are always new things you can improve upon as a working professional. But instead of opting for pricey online courses, we’ve found an e-learning bundle that offers you courses on everything from advanced cybersecurity practices to invaluable soft skills, all accessible 24/7, right from the comfort of your own computer screen.

The best part? The entire bundle’s over 95% off at just $99.

School of Game Design

If you’ve ever dreamt of designing your very own game, this extensive library of training videos gives you all the tools necessary to do so. You’ll have access to thousands of dollars worth of royalty-free game art and textures, support from experienced instructors, and insight to expert design techniques. Even if you’re brand new to game design, you’ll become privy to the gaming industry’s newest advancements, including revolutionary techniques with Unity3 and so much more.


With over 800 online courses spanning from entrepreneurship, language, management, and more, this bundle lets you make an important investment in yourself. Whether it’s skills for work or just a general hunger for knowledge that drives you, this multi-format learning experience gives you quizzes, content, tips, and more right at your fingertips, no matter the subject matter.

And with Cudoo’s one-for-one initiative, you’ll give back with each course you complete. There’s even a Cudoo app, helping you to learn anytime, anywhere.

CyberTraining 365

If you’re looking to learn more about cybersecurity, this program teaches you everything about today’s most-used techniques. Whether it’s malware analysis, penetration testing, or reverse engineering (just to name a few), you’ll have 3,871 lectures and over 650 lessons at your fingertips, keeping you up to date with today’s industry standards.

Along with acquiring globally-recognized skills and certifications, you’ll also have access to ethical hacking material and certified hacker tools you’ll find nowhere else.

Skill-Builder Pro

From being a strong leader to learning crucial communication skills, this online program gives you access to over 300 training courses, exposing you to soft skills that are imperative to both your personal and professional life. There are so many different courses in the program that you’ll likely never run out of stuff to learn — it’s that extensive.

Featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, Groupon, CNET, Mashable, and more, Skill-Builder Pro is proving to be an essential tool for people hoping to become well-rounded professionals.


When it comes to web development, there are certain skills you’ve got to have in your back pocket, and understanding Javascript is one of them. Considered to be a core program of the web development world, Javascript is used to build some of the most popular apps, computer programs, and websites. And by understanding its intricate frameworks and tools, you’ll develop some of the most important skills a web developer could acquire.

With over 50 hours of content at your fingertips, you’ll learn how top companies build some of their most important programs, giving you insight into your own future ideas and projects.

Valued at over $12,000, The Complete eLearning Lifetime Membership Bundle is currently discounted to a mere $99  for a limited time — that’s a 99% discount!

Price subject to change.

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