Biden Starts October By Taking A Day Off. Here’s How Many He Took In September

(Photo by Tom Brenner/Getty Images)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was off the campaign trail before noon Thursday, starting off the last month of his campaign with an early lid.

Critics began questioning the frequency with which the Biden campaign cut off the days’ events, noting that he had done so 11 times in the month of September alone. (RELATED: ‘Just Ridicule The Guy’: Joy Behar Says Biden Should Use Debate To ‘Make A Fool’ Of Trump)

A tracker dated September 26 marked the tally at 10 early lid calls, but the former vice president also called it a day before noon on the 28th.

Some argued — in the days leading up to the first debate between Biden and President Donald Trump — that Biden was staying close to home in order to do debate prep, but that reasoning appeared less likely 15 days ahead of the next debate.

According to reports, the lid applied only to in-person events and a virtual fundraiser was still on the schedule for 5 pm.

President Trump has ridiculed the Biden campaign for cutting his days short, arguing that he would be a “low energy President.”