The Obituary This Woman Wrote For Her Dog Is Guaranteed To Make You Cry

A picture of a golden retriever, not the one mentioned in the story. (Credit: Shutterstock Ann Tyurina)

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A South Carolina woman brought everyone to tears on Twitter after she wrote a heartwarming obituary for her dog, Charlie.

Charlie was 7 years old at the time of his death and died from canine lymphoma, according to a Sept. 22 tweet shared by Sallie Hammett. The tweet recently went viral, and rightfully so.

“I wrote my dog an obituary because of course I did,” Hammett captioned a photo of the obituary on Twitter. “He was the best boy.”

“If we’re being honest, Charlie loved everything life had to offer,” Hammett’s obituary read. “He was good at a lot of things, but he was best at unconditional love. He taught everyone he met about loving people and always seeing the good in everyone.”

You need to read the whole thing, but the part below is probably my favorite because it reminds me of all the everyday things dogs do that make us so happy. (RELATED: SURVEY: 40% Of People Would Give Up Their Dog For A Month To Keep Their Phone)

“We will think of him every time we open the peanut butter,” Hammett continued. “We will miss him every time we see a sock on the floor or pass a stick on a walk. We will carry him with us everywhere.”

“He will be forever missed and forever remembered, but he left behind his fierce love, which never wavered,” the obituary concluded. “In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you give all your pups some extra love in honor of Charlie.”

This whole thing made me cry. I love my dog so much and I can’t imagine the emotion Hammett felt writing this obituary, considering the fact it made me shed tears like a baby.