‘Pandering For A Vote’: Herschel Walker Criticizes Concept Of Slavery Reparations

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Former college football star Herschel Walker criticized the concept of slavery reparations as Democrats “pandering for a vote” during a Thursday night appearance on Fox News’ “The Story.”

Walker’s comments came as Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law this week making his state the first one to set up a task force to study how such reparations could be distributed.

Asked by anchor Martha MacCallum for his thoughts, Walker said he was “upset” about it.


“I’m upset about it because all they are doing is pandering for a vote,” he told MacCallum, adding that the move would simply be “paying African-Americans instead of empowering African-Americans.”

“They don’t have an answer for what Donald Trump is saying, about trying to empower African-Americans by putting jobs in those areas, by putting better education in those areas, by going out putting small businesses, African-American owned businesses in those areas,” said the former Heisman Trophy winner. “What they are trying to do now is pander for a vote.”

Walker went to question how such funds would be distributed.

“Who are you going to give the money to?” he asked. “What about the people that fought, that freed you as a slave? What about the white people that fought and freed you as a slave? Who is considered white?”

“Don’t give them a fish, you teach them how to fish,” he continued. “That’s what’s going to make African-Americans better and I hope every African-American wake up and realize that’s what they’re doing right now.”

After exploring the issue further, Walker ended by asking whether the money would be better spent solving the issues California is currently facing. (RELATED: ‘Blame Whitey Movement’ — Former ACLU Exec Slams Reparations ‘Buffoonery’)

“There’s a homeless problem in California,” Walker said. “There’s fires going on in California, but we are gonna worry about this right now? Let’s think about it.”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stated his support for a study on slavery reparations during a February campaign speech.