Former White House Policy Council Director Joe Grogan Talks Trump’s New Healthcare Initiatives And COVID-19

Daily Caller

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Joe Grogan, the former Domestic Policy Council Director at the White House, joined Daily Caller’s Senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc to discuss an array of health related topics, such as President Trump’s newly announced healthcare plan, the coronavirus task force, and the efficacy surrounding a COVID-19 vaccine.

Grogan, who was also a former advisor to the FDA, outlines the issues he’s had with past healthcare plans and highlights where he stands on the most recent plan introduced by the Trump Administration.

Regarding the likelihood of a successfully approved COVID-19 vaccine in the near future, Grogan admits the chance is slim, but recognizes that the end of October could  warrant some “real[ly] promising efficacy data that says the vaccine works in these people.”

Check out all of this and more in their interview below. (RELATED: President Trump, Melania Test Positive For COVID-19)

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