Hundreds Of Trump Supporters Gather In DC For #WalkAway Rally

Screenshot Jorge Ventura/The Daily Caller

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Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. Saturday for a #WalkAway rally to support the president and celebrate those who have “walked away” from the “radical left.”

“The purpose of this event is to get the silent majority to show we are not going to be silent anymore, we are going to stand up, we are going to fight for our country, we are going to fight against the radical left, because freedom in America is worth fighting for,” Brandon Straka, founder of the “WalkAway” campaign, told the Daily Caller. (RELATED: Trump Fans Chant ‘Fill That Seat!’ At North Carolina Rally)


“Many of us have walked away from the radical left, we’ve walked away from the lies, the division, the hate, the violence, the vandalism, and we just want a more beautiful, more loving, more unified America,” Straka said.

Alexis, a Black Trump supporter from California, told the Daily Caller that she attended the march to “show that there are Black conservatives that do support Trump.”

“We are all Americans, but people still see color, and I just feel like it’s important to have people of color on the front lines walking with the rest of the patriots,” she said.

Nico, a Trump supporter from Florida, said that he wanted “to let people know that we’re unsilent, it’s time to stop being quiet, we should not be ashamed of supporting our own president.”

“Just because people think that we’re racist doesn’t mean that we’re racist,” Niko added, saying that they have condemned white supremacy and the KKK.

Videos showed a group of counter-protesters clashing with police.

Democratic Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones and Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw spoke at the Trump rally.

“Donald J. Trump cares about this country and he puts this country first which hasn’t happened in 50 years,” Jones said. “I stopped by Walter Reed this morning to let the president know that I’m with him, that the American people are with him.”

The rally took place one day after the president announced that he had been diagnosed with coronavirus. He was transported to Walter Reed hospital Friday night “out of an abundance of caution,” and posted a video on Twitter Saturday night saying he felt “much better.”