‘I Would Die For Him’: C-Span Catches The Moment A Trump Supporter Sees His ‘Hero’ Drive By


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A C-Span camera caught the moment a supporter saw President Donald Trump’s motorcade drive by Sunday.

The president, who has been undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Military Medical Center since Friday afternoon, went for a drive around the hospital to wave to his supporters. They waved back and shouted as he passed by, but one in particular shouted that he was willing to die for his president, and the C-Span cameras caught his declaration. (RELATED: ‘A Little Surprise Visit’: Trump Takes Motorcade Out Around Walter Reed, Greets Supporters)


“God bless our president!” he can be heard shouting in the video. “I will die for him. I will die for that man, happily. I will die for him. Anybody want to mess with him, you mess with me first.”

“He is a hero, that man,” the man continued.

Other shouts could be heard as someone yelled, “God bless America!” and “God bless the police, thank you for your service!”

Trump was criticized for leaving the hospital, as some said that his brief tour in the motorcade put the Secret Service agents riding with him at increased risk.

An attending physician at Walter Reed was among Trump’s critics, as reported by The Hill.

“The risk of COVID19 transmission inside is as high as it gets outside of medical procedures. The irresponsibility is astounding,” tweeted James Phillips, who is also chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University.

Former White House Physician Dr. William Lang said that the risk was reasonably low as long as the agents in the vehicle with Trump were wearing the proper protective equipment.

Reports indicated that the agents in the vehicle appeared to be wearing masks and gowns over their clothing.