Dan Bongino: NYC Crime Wave Is ‘The Most Predictable Public Safety Crisis In Human History’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said Sunday that a rash of crimes in New York City amounted to “the most predictable public safety crisis in human history.”

Bongino, who also previously served with the New York Police Department, told “Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth that the increase in crime was the logical result of policies that put criminals back out on the streets rather than behind bars. (RELATED: ‘A Bunch Of Savages’: Dan Bongino Rips Into Protesters Who Hope Wounded Deputies Will Die)


Hegseth broached the topic, saying that dozens of criminals had been arrested multiple times in recent months and asking, “How are you supposed to defeat crime when they just get let out of jail?”

Bongino responded by saying it was time for the kind of assessment one might expect from Thomas Sowell: “With points like this the data is so obvious the only people who could ignore it would be intellectuals and I’ll throw liberals in there too.”

“We’re gonna let more criminals out of jail and we’re stunned criminals do criminal stuff when they’re out of jail,” Bongino continued, saying that law enforcement policies had been very different when he was a police officer and former Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani had been in charge.

“You get arrested for a crime, we’re letting you out right away, hey, go ahead buddy, and we’re stunned they go out and rob more people,” Bongino concluded. “Really, this is only the most predictable public safety crisis in human history.”

“Predictable is such a great way of putting it,” Hegseth agreed. “You know exactly where it’s going to go.”