Americans Travel From Far And Wide To Set Up Shop At Walter Reed And Pray For Trump

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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BETHESDA, MD – Americans traveled from around the country to set up shop in front of the Walter Reed National Military Center and pray for President Donald Trump, they told the Daily Caller Sunday.

Trump announced early Friday that he tested positive for COVID-19 after news broke that senior staffer Hope Hicks had the virus. The president was taken to the hospital Friday evening, with physicians saying he’d be closer to medical care should he need it. (RELATED: Trump Boards Marine One, Heads To Walter Reed Hospital ‘Out Of An Abundance Of Caution’)

Upon hearing the news, supporters headed to Walter Reed to pray for Trump’s well-being. One woman traveled all the way from Seattle, according to reporters on the ground. Others traveled from Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“There are people from all over,” one woman, who traveled from Connecticut with her husband, told the Caller. “And what’s extraordinary is look at the faces of all these people. You see all races, you see all backgrounds, you see such a mix. This is what America stands for and what makes America so great.”

“And all of these people support our president,” she added. “So it’s much bigger and much more significant than what is portrayed …”


One Trump supporter had not left his spot outside of Walter Reed since Friday evening, when the president first arrived. The man, Richard, told the Caller that he would remain out there until Trump was back in the White House.

“We’re praying for all of them,” Richard said after noting that Melania Trump and Chris Christie also tested positive, among others. “We had our great vigil last night, probably do another one tonight. I mean, today alone, probably 15, 20 people, we pulled each other aside – small groups, big groups – saying prayers, trying to raise the vibration here.”

“Get our man, you know, back to the White House, back in charge,” he continued.


Many people who traveled from out of state told the Caller that they just felt like they needed to be present to pray and support the president. Most donned American flag and Trump gear, remaining outside for hours cheering, praying and talking to other members of the crowd.

Trump paid a surprise visit in his motorcade to supporters outside the hospital Sunday evening, prompting loud cheers from the crowd. His visit sparked backlash from many media personalities who accused Trump of putting agents in the car with him at risk of getting COVID-19.

“God bless our president!” one man was heard screaming on a C-SPAN feed as Trump waved to his supporters.. “I will die for him. I will die for that man, happily. I will die for him. Anybody want to mess with him, you mess with me first.”

Americans who were unable to make the trip reportedly began to have food delivered for Trump supporters present in front of the hospital, some members of the crowd told the Caller. Throughout the day, boxes of pizza, a Panera order and more would periodically show up to sustain everyone.