REPORT: Man Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison After Poking Holes In Condom Used During Rape

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A British man has reportedly been sentenced to four years in prison Friday after being convicted of rape.

Andrew Lewis, 47, pleaded guilty to rape back in July after he admitted to poking holes in the condom he used with his partner during sex on March 10, 2018, according to Worcester News.

The prosecutor of the case Glyn Samuel claimed the woman had found the pin and other condoms with holes in them in a bedside drawer before checking the condom that the couple had used during sex.

“He told police he had hoped the condom would split and it would improve the intimacy,” Samuel said, according to the outlet. “He said it was the stupidest thing he has ever done.”

“In piercing the condom beforehand there was a degree of planning involved,” the prosecutor argued. (RELATED: Harvey Weinstein Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison After Rape Conviction)

Lewis originally denied he put holes in the condom when confronted by the victim, but eventually admitted to it, Samuel said, according to Worcester News.

The victim described the act as “pure evil.”

Meanwhile, Lewis’ lawyer argued that he had not been trying to get the woman pregnant, but believed the condom was a barrier to the intimacy they could have shared.

The judge called the act a “breach of trust,” the outlet reported.

“The offence of rape is so serious a custodial sentence is appropriate,” the judge ruled, according to Worcester News.