Dana Bash Says Trump Put Secret Service At Risk: ‘I Don’t Think They Train To Take A Bullet From The President’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN’s Dana Bash blamed President Donald Trump for putting his Secret Service agents at unnecessary risk, saying that she didn’t believe they were trained “to take a bullet from the president.”

Bash, during a Monday segment of “CNN Newsroom,” reacted to Trump’s decision to leave the presidential offices at Walter Reed Military Medical Center — where he has been undergoing treatment for coronavirus since Friday — and wave from his motorcade to supporters gathered outside.


Anchor John King characterized the president’s outing as a “joyride,” saying that he had put “two Secret Service agents at deep risk in an SUV.” (RELATED: ‘I’ll Call It Out’: CNN’s John King Says Hunter Biden Is ‘A Swamp Creature’)

He then turned to Bash, asking, “What does he get and understand if he’s putting two Secret Service agents at risk leaving the hospital four, five days into symptoms when any doctor would tell you should be at least ten days?”

Bash turned the question around, first asking why Trump hadn’t studied coronavirus “not as a patient but as a president”?

She went on to say that it was unfair for the president to put agents — who already risk their lives for him on a daily basis — at a heightened risk because he wanted to go outside.

“Those Secret Service agents, that’s what they go in for. They train to take a bullet for the president,” Bash concluded. “But I don’t think they train to take a bullet from the president and in this case, the bullet being COVID-19.”

According to CBS reporter Catherine Herridge, the president’s outing had been approved by doctors.