‘Go To Sleep’ — Some White House Aides Worry Trump Will Address Nation Too Soon

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President Donald Trump is likely to address the nation at some point on Tuesday, but some White House officials are concerned he may be jumping the gun.

Trump returned from a 3-day stint at Walter Reed hospital Monday afternoon, with his doctors saying he is not entirely out of the woods. White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah told reporters she anticipates he will make an address “at some point” Tuesday. Still, a growing minority at the White House have expressed apprehension to Daily Caller about the president’s recent decisions regarding his own coronavirus case, especially after White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and two of her closest aides tested positive.

Speaking anonymously, as they have not been cleared to discuss the topic, the officials are saying the president should hold off and focus on recovery.

Trump “needs to go to sleep for a few days and rest,” one official told the Daily Caller. Another called into question whether Trump would actually make an address, saying they “don’t even know if there will be one.” (RELATED: Amy Coney Barrett To Joe Biden — Here’s Every Politician, Aide And Supporter We Know Trump And Hope Hicks Met With Last Week)

Another was more optimistic, however, saying Trump “clearly got his pep back in his step and probably can’t stand to see Sleepy Joe out on the road while he’s holed up.”

First reports that Trump was considering addressing the nation came Tuesday from Bloomberg News, which reported he may carryout a televised address.

Polls following Trump’s first debate with Biden and his subsequent infection with COVID-19 show his numbers falling against Biden. A Tuesday CNN poll gives Biden a 16-point lead over the incumbent nationally. Biden has also created “stable” leads in six swing states since the debate, according to NBC News.

Trump and Biden’s next scheduled debate is slated for October 15 in Miami, Florida. Trump tweeted Tuesday that he is ready and willing to participate in the debate in-person, but is unclear whether Biden would agree to stand feet away from Trump for an extended period so soon after being infected.

Trump contracted COVID-19 sometime on Thursday of last week. He officially announced receiving a positive test result at 1 a.m. on Friday. Trump traveled to Walter Reed on Friday afternoon, where he was treated by a team of nine world-class doctors with steroids, Remdesivir, and a cocktail of coronavirus treatment drugs.