Elk Attacks Colorado Man Playing Round Of Golf, Rips Kidney To Shreds

(Credit: Shutterstock Dan-Pepper)

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A Colorado man playing a round of golf Saturday was hospitalized after being attacked by an elk.

The attack ripped Zak Bornhoft’s kidney into three different pieces, according to an article published by CNN. Bornhoft and three friends were playing golf at the Evergreen Golf Course outside of Denver.

“The golfing went pretty good throughout the day until we got to the back nine and saw all the elk,” Bornhoft said in an interview with CNN.

“This bull elk was just eyeing us down,” he added. “We were slowly going forward and he started charging at us and he missed. My buddy gassed it to get away and the elk gored me on my right side.” (RELATED: 72-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Bison At Yellowstone National Park)

This is the first time that a golfer has been gored in the past 15 years, according to Denver Parks and Recreation, CNN reported.

“It was unbelievable,” Bornhoft said. “(The elk) was just freaked out and there was nothing we could do.”

This sounds terrifying. Golfing is supposed to be one of the most relaxing sports. You’re outside with the breezy wind and maybe a cold beer. You’re not supposed to have to look out for elk looking to take out your insides.

Hope this man gets better soon.